the green home center

i finally got a chance to visit the green home center on polk street and am so glad i did! this is a very inspiring place for me because ever since i did a school project on designing a green design center i've been dreaming about being able to own one. it was fabulous to see one up and running and doing really well. the green home center is a co-op of many different green-oriented businesses from contractors & interior designers to home-related products & other services. there are cabinet makers, upholstery & rug makers, solar engineers, tile & countertop farbicators, flooring manufacturers, led lighting, and so much more. really if you're at all interested in anything sustainable for your home or office you must stop in and check them out. what's more, the people working there are extremely knowledgeable and helpful ~ not pretentious in the least, which is a relief after spending so much time at the sf design center where i'm perpetually unimpressed with the sales people's attitudes. but that is a tangent not worth digging in to.... anyway, i'm just on the cusp of starting my own green design business {admitting it here is kind of intimidating, but i'll just take the leap and say it anyway!} and spending time at the green home center was thoroughly uplifting and encouraging. i hope you'll stop in and visit them soon too. if you do please tell them studio wellspring sent you and then let me know what you think!


vineeta said...

Angie, what a concept! And so easy for the customer to walk in & find all solutions under one roof. And yes theres nothing like seeing your dreams turn into reality & all the best for that.
From The green centre pics, its so clear that they are crammed with all kinds of goodies. And with the right attitude, I'm sure people love to go over.

paris parfait said...

I love the idea of this place. And even more, I love the idea that you're starting your own green design business! Bravo!

As for the SF Design Center, the clerks there have had poor customer service skills for years. As a result, I refuse to go there anymore. There's just no excuse for their attitude.

Hope you and A. are doing well! xoxox

Relyn said...

Miss you. A lot. Hope you are doing well. Kiss the peach for me.

Octavine Illustration said...

what an incredible place. this is on my short list for my next trip to SF!~

avant garde said...

looks fun and fabulous. i'm off to check them out...thanks for the inspire :)