tis the season

it's christmas eve and i am unable to sleep due to all the excitement stirring within me. it dawned on me that now was the perfect time to peek in on my blog and play a little catch-up. on one hand, i'm shocked how 2 months have gone by without a word from me on my favorite blog. but on the other hand, it's perfectly clear why: 2 months happens to be the exact length of time since my heart found its long-sought-after desire. on october 10th i officially started dating the love of my life. and it has been an all encompassing love bubble ever since. we now live together and live every day in gratitude together. what a surreal blessing.

alesia is now walking and talking and her personality is in full force. she is as loving and flirty as she is head-strong and feisty. it's a delightful combination. she is full swing into the needing-mommy-every-second mode, but i really don't mind. i know it's only temporary and soon she'll be wanting nothing to do with me, so i'm enjoying all the attention while i can.
my designer dreams remain on hold as i continue to soul search about the next steps in my career. i am clear about wanting to make a difference, wanting to be creative, and wanting to enjoy a wide variety of tasks. but that's about it. sigh. please tell me i'm not the only one who goes through such stagnation, hoping beyond hopes to have a dream-professional-movement just appear out of no where!?!?
as i continue to explore my new community and navigate my internal goals criss-crossing i will try to be a better blogger. i have been so distracted by LOVE that blogging {among many other things} has fallen to the way side.  but, really, can you blame me?

 {this is our chirstmas branch, in lieu of a real tree ~ it's hung by the beam between our living room & kitchen to keep it up and away from alesia. it's so much fun to sit underneath it....we call it our christmas tunnel}

i hope you are enjoying a warm and loving holiday season filled with all the things you enjoy most.
merry christmas to all and to all a good night!


IonnKorr said...

Nice Blog! Happy New Year!

by IonnKorr, Greece

Relyn said...

Oh, this post is so full of goodness that I'll have to come back again and again to soak in more of it. For now, I'll just say, "YES!!!!" and "Congratulations!" I am so very happy for you.

studio wellspring said...

thanks lonnkorr ~ so lovely to have you stop by & say hello! happy new year to you too!

dearest relyn ~ oh how you delight& amaze me. thanks for staying in touch these months while i've been in the love bubble. i will hop right over to your blog & try to catch myself up. much love & goodness to you in the new year!