lounge lizards live on

over the last several weeks we've traveled all over oregon and down the coast through california to san francisco. we've had many wonderful celebrations {birthdays, weddings, & many dinner parties just because}; and we've also gone through some unfortunate situations {long traffic jams, and a baby peach falling & getting a bruise on her sweet head}. so now that we're back in the calm days of summer in the willamette valley, it's time to catch-up on blogging.
i've been dying to share this fantastic find with you:
lounge lizard on south east hawthrone street in portland oregon.
if you like vintage furnishings, cool sales people and a treasure trove of unique housey items, you absolutely must check out this shop.
looking up, the ceilings are full of glowing treasures the walls are covered in art and artifacts, like a crazy quilt in 3-d:
what a fabulous place to find the time
all this vintage eye-candy can make a lady swoon of course the shop's new favorite model is pint-sized
i imagined purchasing dozens of things, but left without a one. but believe you me, as soon as i get my new place to call home i'll be driving a big van over to lounge lizard & loading it up!

more photos of a few of my favorite items can be seen on my flickr set.


paris parfait said...

That pint-sized model is the best! :) xoxox

Relyn said...

Ooooo.... I wanna go shopping with you next time I'm home. Let's spend a whole day in Portland and eat at Elphant's Deli. I haven't had their amazing chicken enchilada in years.