trying to catch up

new post, new post!
oh my, how did an entire month go by without me updating my swellspring?
what with christmas, visiting family, new years, road tripping from oregon to san francisco, getting laid off {while on maternity leave, imagine that!}, designing myself a website and raising a newborn, my blog has kind of taken a back burner. so this is just a triage post, to let you know i'm still alive, and to try to get us caught up.
so what's new & noteworthy.....
{alesia's new quilt made by her grandma....and she's 3 months old now, by the way}

{a new addition to my family: a mini cooper in peacock teal! ultra-fabulous! i took this photo at a look-out point on highway 101 on the oregon coast with one of my most favorite spots in the world in the background: heceta head lighthouse}
{alesia's 1st tango lesson, with none other than my favorite tango teacher, ney melo, at his studio tango vida. also note jennifer bratt's incredible collection of come-il-faut shoes displayed in the background....jewels for your feet!}

{speaking of feet....i'm able to wear hottie heels again, and am loving it. oh and i've only got about 5 more pounds to go until i'm back at pre-pregnancy weight. phew!}

{my first manhattan since getting pregnant. it was a long time comin' and i loved every sip!}

{i got a new queen mattress set & alesia got a new bumbo.... moms if you haven't heard of the bumbo baby seat trust me and go get it right away. it is the best baby docking station i've found so far. so now both alesia and i have new comfy places to chill ~ ahhh!}

{vicente wolf's book "crossing boundaries, a global vision of design" is a new favorite that i highly recommend ~ lots of design eye candy and gorgeous photographs from all over the world, madagascar to myanmar}

what's new with you? goodness gracious i've missed blogging, and i've missed you!


paris parfait said...

Anjie, so good to have you back! That gorgeous bambina is growing fast! And the quilt - the car - the shoes - sigh. Looks like you've been a very busy girl. So glad you're back in SF; a package will be headed your direction this week. And wasn't Tuesday a fabulous day??!! At long last. Miss you! Will email you soon. xoxox

Relyn said...

Oh, yeah. It is so good to read this update. I'm dying to cover that sweet baby face with smooches. And your car? So jealous. That's also one of my favorite spots on the Oregon Coast. I have several pictures taken there, but none with as cool a car. Dying over those shoes, too. So good to see you.

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

oh my goodness........that baby is delicious. And the car is just gorgeous - that is my dream car, esp in that incredible color.