snow birds

not sure if you've heard that the pacific northwest has been turned into a winter wonderland, but let me tell you it's a snow queen's delight every where i look. i'm up here for the holidays with family and we are officially snowed in again today. it's beautiful and quiet ~ i love snow: the sounds, the sights, the smells of it. when i go out walking the last couple days i've found some really lovely images. one of which is of little tiny bird prints hopping around in the snow {i think it must be from the quails}. this got me inspired to share some nice bird items with you, as well as some of the photos i took.{our back door view}

{sea birds tea towel at green with glamour }

{birdy pillow made by jennyjen }

{bird floor lamps at fusion home}

{viva terra's glass bird vases}

{bird doorbell cover at flopping fish}

{wisteria's bird tealight holder}

{my personal favorite snow birdie, alesia}

as the sun sets on this lovely sight i hope you're all staying cozy & warm where ever you are!


spreading joy, seeking inspiration

alesia's first grin captured on camera. . . . and my first christmas gift. so i just had to share the joy with y'all too. things have been busy over here with alesia learning to feed from a bottle, playing with new toys, and starting to explore the big world more & more. such an incredible thing to witness. here are a few images of her going's on:
{dreaming apple dumpling sweetness}

{so curious about the world all around}

i've been enjoying the holidays with my family and trying to get motivated to do something with my life other than being 100% focused on my bundle of joy. exploring the oregon coast & the oregon woods is always a blissful sensory experience and is filling me with inspiration for things to come......

{two photos i took of our table at thanksgiving, centerpiece made with found treasures from around my parent's property}

{two photos i took high atop cape perpetua on misty mystical day that rejuvenated like no other}