sara baldwin mosaic tile mastery

sara baldwin's mosaic tile designs are gorgeously inspiring all on their own, but when you learn about her rags to riches story of female artistic entrepreneurial success it leaves you a bit stunned. in a good way. go here to read the synopsis and get your heart warmed.
her world-respected tile mosaic company, new ravenna, offers unique exquisite designs for everything from floors to furniture. and sara's latest signature collection, metamorphosis, brings the wild beauty of nature into the timeless craft of mosaic art.
(mist. hand-chopped stones: blue macauba, kay’s green, celeste, ming green, lettuce ming, and thassos - all tumbled)

(rivulet. hand cut stones: kay’s green, thassos - both polished)

(tatami mat. hand cut stalks: travertine noce, breccia oniciata, travertino white - all polished)

(meadow. hand-chopped random lengths stones: wujan jade, kay's green, chartreuse {excluding flowers} - all tumbled)


thanks calie for the reminder about sara's work!


Calie Anderson, C.I.D. said...

Cool! Thanks for mentioning me:).

I saw that you were a member of Girl Design. I sent Anna an email about joining your next meeting but wasn't sure if she still managed the blog. Do you guys still meet?

studio wellspring said...

the girl design group hasn't met for quite sometime, but i'd love to get the group together again. actually it's shayna who manages the blog and her other blog is called "favorite colors" (it's on my sidebar under designers). maybe try emailing her there too. ? hopefully we can revive it!

mosaic tiles said...

Beautiful, I love how the tiles fade for 'mist. hand-chopped stones'.

That is my favourite.